I’m Ingrid. I was born in July 1942 and raised in Vienna, Austria. I used to work in my family’s restaurant business for many years, I was married to my first and only husband Friedrich Pammesberger who died in 1996, and I have a son who was born in May 1971. I went to St. Ursula school in Vienna when I was a child and I enjoyed the catholic environment with the nuns a lot. I was brought up religiously by my parents.  I live in Vienna, I enjoy shopping, watching tv, reading, using my iPad and surfing on facebook. I don’t usually post much on Facebook but I read posts, like pictures and see updates from friends. A year after my son was baptised into the church I too converted to the church and was baptised. I am a active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I attend the Vienna 3rd ward that is just across the street from where I live.